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"I'm not sure words can adequately express the incredible impact Amy has had on me and my journey..."

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There's a difference between owning a private practice...

...and owning a thriving, oozing with Benjamins, glow in the dark, unicorn of a private practice.

hey lil' therapist you


I know how terrifying it is to start your own private practice... (like sh*t your pants and don't tell a living soul terrifying) let alone start out as a cash pay private practice. 

It feels impossible as you're panic-searching what you need to do, and most to be successful.

And don't forget your "besties" Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome whispering and cackling in your ear constantly, making you rapid-close all your searching, podcasts, and you give up for the 20th time and watch Love Island and look at Corgi's online instead.

Then you hear about therapists that are already a cash pay practice...and their schedule sounds like crickets and they're debating if they should just start selling holiday cat PJs online instead.


Starting your own cash pay private practice or pumping up the one you already have...feels impossible and like a huge gamble. 

But deep know that this is supposed to be your path. Deep deep...way deep down...months-worth-of-laundry-to-do deep down... know that it's possible to kick a** at this.

So it's time to actually have a silly but skillful, specialist of a sidekick in your pocket. With wisdom, methods, and guidance that put a twinkle in your eye and a hop and a heal-clap in your step. It's time to swim in the Benjamins, bask in your bank account, and actually thrive as a cash pay private practice.

I know your dreaming of seeing 15 clients a week as you make the big bucks. Let's make it happen. A.S.A. (f*cking) P.

Order up! What do you need help with? I. Got. You.

The Lazy Client System


Done-for-you client optimization system - so you can fill your schedule with cash paying clients, like I do.

Yep, I need my lazy client system.

The Lazy Startup 2.0


Start a cash pay practice, right off the bat. Successfully. 

Let's start my private practice ASAP.
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I'm Amy Vredenburgh

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Woman, She/Her, Introvert, Coffee Obsessed, Raised In Alaska, Law of Attraction Sponge, Taco Addicted, LMFT, Certified Clini-Coach®...

...The Lazy Therapist.


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"If you want to do great things in building a private practice with ease that is all YOU... then hire Amy for the most amazing heart-centered support!"

- Missy N.

"Amy's energy and attention to detail is so good....the only thing missing for me would be real 1:1 time....something I'll definitely look at in the near future!"

- Delee D'Arcy

What is it worth to have your schedule full to the brim with cash paying clients? You could just wait and do what you've been doing, or you could just...

...have a 6 figure, cash pay private practice.

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