Your Freebies.

Because you wanted to DIY this sh*t.

Thanks for being the epic human being and clinician that you are.


You give time, energy, hours of listening skills, and your most magnificent healing words

Every. Damn. Day.

You are worth a trip to the Bahamas, endless chips and salsa, and way more cash in life!

So I want to start you off with some freebies, and maybe these will get you even 1 step closer to all of that.

Top 6 Laziest Startup Resources


I started out with a lot of different check lists that I found to start a private practice, among the other 789 podcasts, YouTube videos, memberships, websites, etc. Which I am beyond grateful for! Or else I would still be working for someone else, forever scrolling Pinterest and eating too much chips and salsa (not sure if there is such a thing). So I know all of that was helpful even though I had to hobble gobble so much together! Because I wanted to the best steps, tricks and tips so my practice felt like it was on autopilot! Well here is the bare bones of the startup list that I recommend. Hope you like it...just as much as that waffle you have in your hand.


Lazy Law of Attraction


The most epic Law of Attraction nuggets that I use, every damn day, to bring on the momentum, success, and Benajamins in my private practice. And my life! These are super simple, to the point, and 200% doable! AND in under 6 minutes. Why only do the "to-do's" and check things off your task list? Why not X10 your momentum with your energy and vibration?!

Client-Magnet Homepage


This is a mini video walkthrough of the layout of your epic home page, expert copywriting tips This is a mini video walkthrough of the layout of your epic home page, expert copywriting tips that make your client's think "you're the one" and keep your clients staying on your their 12 again and don't want to leave their best friends house from a sleepover. More clients, more cash, more time to do nothing.

12 Amazon Finds


These are my top 12 things I have found on Amazon that make my day feel 10x better, and help me not hit the snooze button 17 more times. Giving as much as we do, sitting for hours on end, and in one little space can feel depleting sometimes! So these are my favorite things, that I hope you can find a little zest in, to give back to you and make you even a tiny bit more excited to wake up to your day and feel like your practice is giving back to you! CAUTION: some "woo" items on the list!