Work With Me.

Just over here, sipping a dirty chai, waiting for your epic arrival.

Courses, copywriting, website builds, profile creation, and website you could dance-sing every morning as you think about your thriving schedule of cash paying clients. 

The Lazy Startup 2.0


The only all-in-one startup course that takes you through successfully starting a cash pay counseling private practice. Including three months of high-touch support from me as well as building a client-magnet of a website, right off the bat.

I'm ready to start my cash pay, private practice!

The Lazy Website


Want a website like mine with 15+ consults a month and 5+ cash paying clients getting locked into your schedule? Done-for-you copywriting and/or website build. Your website is going to fill your schedule for you. No networking, no social media.


Yep! I'm going to need a website that fills my schedule for me!

Lazy Profiles


Your Psych Today profile, or other profiles, need a refresh and you want way more clients reaching out! Let me create (3) profiles for you to bring in 3x more cash paying clients!

Yes, make my profiles for me!

The Lazy Consult Method


You need your consults to have the charm, magnetism, and heart-melting abilities of an eight-week-old golden retriever puppy! Because having the consults lining up and a powerhouse of a website are only pieces (important pieces) to a thriving private practice! Those consults have to count. They have to. And I can show you how!


Yep, make my consults have 90% "Yes's!"

1:1 Coaching


Maybe you want some extra support in your private pay practice, want a sh*t ton more momentum, or just want to pick my brain for some little gems and juicy nuggets

What are my options, I want some 1:1 time!