There's a difference between owning a private practice...and owning a thriving, oozing with Benjamins, glow in the dark, unicorn of a private practice.


I'm ready for my 6 figure, cash pay, private practice!

Nicole H.


"Amy was the fire extinguisher to the grease fire of starting my private practice. When things flared: emotions, questions, self doubt, anxiety, and the ever favorite 'imposter syndrome,' she was there. Sharing advice, giving direction, cussing and laughing with me about it along the way. Her wisdom, humor, intellect, and honesty (no BS here) were exactly what I needed to calm the F*@% down before burning the entire thing to the ground out of fear. My practice is now thriving after just a few months, and fire extinguishers have new meaning in my life and in sessions with clients."

-Nicole H.

Ashley R.


"Last July I went from seeing a few clients part time after my 9-5 job to having a full time private practice with NO training from my grad program on how to do that. I had bits and pieces of knowledge, but I didn't know what I didn't know. There were many "aha" moments when going through this course, as Amy really went through each topic piece by piece, talking about the basics so I didn't miss a thing. After I finished the course, I had a solid website, a handle on all of my paperwork needed to get started, and a good sense on where to start networking and marketing. Amy helped me set a solid foundation, so as I've grown my practice over the years I can build on what I developed during this course, and make all of her lessons work for me. I can honestly say that compared to some of my colleagues who, for all intents and purposes, are very similar to me in style, approach, target demographics, etc, I get more potential clients reaching out on sites where I have the profile I created with Amy's template."

Angel H.


"I found Amy on a Google search when I was trying to learn how to start a private practice. I purchased The Lazy Startup 2.0 The modules are to the point and informative. She is fun, professional, prompt on customer service, and supportive. I also hired her to write copy for a retreat and was satisfied with the quick turn around. I had positive feedback from it and found it compelling to attract attendees. If you're looking for support on marketing, she is your gal!"

It's scary and exciting to think about starting a private therapy practice, let alone, a cash pay practice right from the start. 

You've been thinking about starting your own practice and are finally going to do it! have no clue where to start, are overwhelmed by all the podcasts, blogs, books, coaches, and advice from your fellow therapists. 

You want to start a cash pay (or private pay) private practice, right off the bat. But feel terrified you'll fail. And putting all the information out there together, is like untangling 987 necklaces...while jumping on a pogo stick

Piecing all of this together feels exhausting and you are just wanting all of it in one spot, with a bow and a puppy on top. Neatly packaged. And you want it start to finish, with quality tips and tricks so your private practice runs itself

Why start a cash pay, private counseling practice? and I both know why. But I'm going to list some of your most "cherished" times (heavy sarcasm) anyways:

Sharing an office (enough said), delayed payments from insurance, super "fun" hour long phone calls to figure out insurance issues, asking for time off, seeing 876 client's a week (that aren't in your niche), going by someone else's rules (and maybe chaotic sh*t show)...

...and one of the biggest things you are sick of is making the bacon bits instead of the thick cut, hickory smoked, bacon.


And you deserve the thick cut bacon. To not work 897 hours a week (maybe just 10-15). To have your own structure. To not deal with insurance. To have your own office. To have a private practice that runs itself. So you can frolic and tumble in all the other things you want to do in life. 


You had me at bacon.


So why are you waiting?


Well...because this is literally pants sh*tting to start your own practice. A cash pay practice. 

You've heard how hard it can be from other lil' therapists. How the market is tough, your area is saturated with therapists, you have to do social media to stand out (yuck), and you know So-And-So has a cash pay practice and it's just not all that it's cracked up to be...

...and they're thinking about trying their luck with the Powerball instead. 


What if you could have client's coming in your door (an actual door or a virtual door) within the first three months of starting this course? What if within a year of completing this course you had 10-15 cash paying clients (or more) locked into your schedule? What is that worth to you?

Missy N.

"Amy is truly one-of-a-kind.  Before I decided to purchase The Lazy Start-up, Amy was so kind and willing to answer any questions that I had (and I had A LOT of questions) and the moment we connected, I knew she was the right coach for me.  Her warmth, calm presence and ability to inspire confidence in my ability to start my own practice was the energetic match that I needed and it just felt "right"... like I could finally breathe life into this thing that I have wanted to do for so long."

Tory B.


"...Amy made this dream seem possible and exciting! ... The entire course is important, but I'm especially grateful for the first few modules outlining the nitty gritty basics to starting this kind of business- that was the scariest part for me. The modules guided me organically through the otherwise confusing process of bookkeeping, taxes, filing an LLC, getting liability insurance, and identifying HIPAA secure platforms for communicating. All of my questions were answered in this course from the legal aspects, to the otherwise confusing coding of a website, and the creative, fun side of picking colors for a website.This is an all in one course for starting a private practice and I'm so grateful I found it!"

Allison S.


"I don't know where my practice would be today without Amy. I was so fortunate to have her support whenever I needed to ask questions, looking for better resources, direction, or just someone to bounce ideas off of. I am forever grateful for how reliable, giving and passionate Amy was throughout the process of starting my new practice, which is beyond busy and feels like it‚Äôs on autopilot.‚ÄĚ

Kasey W.


"I was looking for help in all things for starting my own private practice. I had no idea what to do or how to get started and was so scared of doing something wrong legally. The course made me feel incredibly confident and secure in my decision to start my own practice, LOVED the law of attraction information. I really love working together, you are available and give great recommendations/advice/support. I will be ready to start my practice by the end of the course which is life changing for me!"

I need you to know...

 ...that I'm a HUGE introvert. So that means this course is set up so success and cash coming in are big, and stress and time spent running your practice are winner of the championship play-offs of Limbo, low.

What's it going to take, to finally start a thriving cash pay, private practice?

It's going to take YOU and you're kick a** bravery, a little bit of Pepto for the nervous stomach...

...and an all-in-one course that helps you start your private practice, so it basically runs itself. Oh, and a huge dollop on Law of Attraction and mindset (trust me, this was a major factor to all my successes).

It's also going to take a private practice that doesn't go the cheap goes the quality route with all of it - the mindset, your electronic health records, phone, fax, paperwork, marketing, website, paperwork templates, consults, how to contract with insurance (if you want)...all of it.

Start to finish. 

It's going to take some tips and tricks to bring in cash while you grow your practice so you're not panic-searching other jobs online.

And let me tell ya', I got some mega tips and tricks, and you're about to smile-scroll and find out what they are.

Yes, I want a practice that runs itself!

This is the ONLY all-in-one course you'll need to start a knock-your-socks off and thriving, cash pay private practice.


 Right. From. The. Start.

Law of Attraction & Mindset 2.0


Law of Attraction meets private practice. A heavy focus on your fears and thoughts that weigh you down and throw your momentum off. Easy methods to x5 your momentum, in just 3 minutes a day.

Legalities & Resources That Give Relief


This is NOT just a checklist. It's all the things you're supposed to do to set up your business and organize it so it basically runs itself. And all listed out in the correct order, a.k.a. no backtracking.

Cash Pay Success!


All the tips and tricks on how to start a successful cash pay private practice, and skip the insurance contracts and credentials. Aaaah, yes, security right off the bat! Clients and cash coming in before your doors are open.

The "La-Z-Boy" of EHRs


This EHR is going to make you drool! A walkthrough of one of the best EHRs (electronic health records) out there that will help you take your practice anywhere and make it feel like it's on autopilot as it runs your practice for you. 

Kick Back & Brand


A quick and dirty run down...that keeps branding efficient so you don’t get lost in creativity or go down rabbit holes...pretty soon your practice is at a standstill while you have business cards and pens coming out of your ears.

20 Minute Prosperous Profiles 


Create your Psychology Today profile (and other profiles) with a six part copywriting method that makes it glow in the dark, and quickly bring in more clients and cash. This method has brought in way more clients and cash than I ever expected. 

Lazy Marketing & Networking


A crisp process of how to do 80% more marketing and networking than you've ever done, in half the time. Plug your own words into my templates and creating super slick flyers with done-for-you templates. 

Client-Magnet Website


You can literally create, what I've got. A magnetic, unicorn of a website, that runs in the background, filling my schedule (and my employee's). Just imagine less marketing, less networking, and no social media.  

Session Templates


Why just have a 50 minute session. Why not offer all sorts of different session times to clients so they have more to say "yes" to. Do more of the healing you love with retreats, intensives, 25 minute sessions, messaging therapy, you name it!

Extras that make you choke-snort into your coffee cup...

Quick Cash Infusions


Imagine clients popping hot into your schedule - before you can even finish your latte. This is a real and honest chat about using TalkSpace and BetterHelp during your private practice transition AND cash pay ideas and platforms to help you bring clients and cash ASAP.

Make It Mindless


All my “copy and paste” templates for responses to clients, plug-ins for progress notes, DA’s, etc. This will help you do things 5X faster, while thinking 5x less harder. So you have more energy at the end of your days for all of the good sh*t!

Video Walkthroughs


Lots of simple and easy to follow video walkthroughs of doing your CAQHinsurance contracts, creating your copywriting for your website, Google Ads setup, going through consult calls, and building a magnetic website on SquarespaceEasy peezy.

Oh! And a few more extras just because...

Copy Writing Walkthrough

A video walkthrough demonstration of  exactly how I write my copy for websites, right off the hip!

The Lazy Consult Method

My exact 9 part consult method - my secret sauce number 4, is going to knock your holiday socks off. 

With The Lazy Startup 2.0...


You'll finally get your dream private practice. Whether that means working from home, in office, or both. As you have just-the-right-amount of clients, making the fee per session you want to make, and a private practice that's set up to run itself. With tons of support, so it's a success

The Lazy Startup 2.0

  • Simple, and in the correct order, legal startup steps. ¬†$597
  • Autopilot startup steps, best resources, organization system, financial spreadsheet and easy branding. ¬†$997
  • Six-part copywriting method to have a cash pay website and profiles + marketing templates. ¬†$1997
  • Quick Cash Infusion - cash coming in before your doors are open. ¬†$97
  • EXTRAS:¬†The Lazy Consult Method and Copywriting Walkthrough. $1000
  • EXTRAS: Autopilot templates, video walkthroughs of insurance contracts, credentialing and website build. ¬†$2997¬†

Total Value = $7,685

Regular Price = $2,997

Your Price = $647

Yes! I'm ready to start my practice!

Still not sure? I got you.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are open, putting energy into the program, doing the things, putting your one foot in front of the other...then you got this, and failing will be in your rearview mirror. If after 21 days you aren't satisfied with the course and used it to start your private practice (a.k.a. didn't have a private practice upon purchasing) and have implemented all of the requirements (including a website build, copywriting method, and Google Ads setup) you will get 100% of your money back. 

You think you can't nail this...but you can.

  •  You can do this without any business experience. 
  • You can do this without knowing anything about websites or marketing.
  • You can do this even if you're in a therapist-dense area. 
  • You can do this without a long waiting list.
  • You can do this without being in the field very long.
  • You can do this even if you feel like you're going to fail.

The biggest reason to my cash pay success, and soon to be the biggest part in your cash pay success...


...a website that fills your schedule for you, effortlessly.


And The Lazy Startup 2.0 has the exact method that I used for my website that brings in 5+ cash paying clients a month, locking into both my employee's and my schedule. 

This doesn't have to be lonely, terrifying, confusing...or a complete flop. 

This can be shiny, sparkly, and smelling like Benjamins...right from the start. 

You've got some questions, I have some answers!


The Lazy Startup 2.0

  • Simple, and in the correct order, legal startup steps. ¬†$597
  • Autopilot startup steps, best resources, organization system, financial spreadsheet and easy branding. ¬†$997
  • Six-part copywriting method to have a cash pay website and profiles + marketing templates. ¬†$1997
  • Quick Cash Infusion - cash coming in before your doors are open. ¬†$97
  • EXTRAS:¬†The Lazy Consult Method and Copywriting Walkthrough. $1000
  • EXTRAS: Autopilot templates, video walkthroughs of insurance contracts, credentialing and website build. ¬†$2997¬†

Total Value = $7,685

Regular Price = $2,997

Your Price = $647

Yes! I'm ready to start my practice!

It's easier than you think. And I got your back. 

Yes! I want to start my cash pay, private practice!