The only client optimization system you'll ever need to get more cash paying clients as a therapist or wellness provider.


All done for you - with a bow on top. 


Yes, I want a schedule that fills my schedule for me!

"Amy saved my website...and no I'm not being dramatic! I used to be embarrassed to send clients to my dumpster fire of a website or even share that I had one afraid it would actually scare clients away (which it probably did). When I finally asked Amy to help me with my website it was probably the easiest decision and best investment I have ever made that I wish I did sooner. The way she brought my personality and voice into my website copywriting is seriously Amy's superpower. The pages Amy wrote for my website are so fun to read, has clients wanting to KEEP reading to learn more about my offers, and even has clients saying "YES" to signing on even before a consultation. I am so grateful for having Amy's help spicing up my website to help me get more clients!!"


-Courtney K.H.


The cash paying client's aren't getting locked into your schedule...and here's why:


why a website?


If you're starting or already running a cash only private practice, your website is HUGE.

Like dinosaur huge.

Even if you are doing social media, most of the time a client will want to make sure you are legit.

And how do they do this? They check out your website.

And if your website looks like it was from the 80's and smells stale like that box of crackers in your cupboard... 

Or worse, if you don't even have a website, 

they're going to second guess reaching out to you, and fast-click to someone else on Instagram, Facebook, or Google. 

And that second guessing they're doing...


it's everything


And this second guessing stands in the way of your schedule being plump, juicy, and full of prosperity.


Especially if you are wanting a cash pay or out-of-pocket private practice.


I'm sold, take me to my options!


It honestly sucks to feel embarrassed about your website.

Especially as a professional. And especially when you want to charge your full fee and feel like the unicorn of a therapist or wellness provider that you are.

Feeling like you have no clue how to get more clients... 

and tired of panicking as each day goes on without that client popping into you inbox 

...also sucks.

 You know that other therapists are successful at this with plump little schedules...and you're thinking that they must have something special. They must have what it takes.

And you're thinking that maybe you're not special and that you don't have what it takes.  

That you can't have what they have.



Well you're wrong.


Your schedule is about to explode with out-of-pocket paying clients.


And I know the missing ingredients.



What does it take to have an irresistible and magnetic website that catches cash paying clients while you sleep?

 It takes a website that speaks deeply, right to the client's heart.

It takes a website that allows clients to connect with you, through the writing, so they are completely HOOKED. 

And it takes a website with

the best copywriting tips and tricks that most therapists...

...know nothing about. sigh


Yes, I want more cash paying clients!

so why not have a website like mine?

"Amy is someone I could immediately relate too - if she lived closer, I would want to hang out with her! Because of this, she "got me" - my voice, my tone, my humor and my warmth. She crafted amazing content for me - now I have a website that I am proud to show off!"


-Jamie Harris, LPCC

my fun little story


The website I had to start with was generic and put a lot of people to sleep...and made me want to face plant into my desk. 

But it was working at the time, because I was taking mostly clients with insurance and I had referrals coming in from all sorts of places. 

Eventually, I wanted out of the insurance game. I wanted to make more, work less, see my ideal clients, and be an out-of-pocket/cash pay practice.

But my main fear: how do I get more cash paying clients on my schedule? 

I knew that social media was not my jam - I have an aversion to it like split pea soup

And I also knew that my introverted super powers needed something on autopilot that runs in the background ... sigh 

Ultimately, I knew I really wanted a website to just do all the work for me. I mean why not?! 

I would much rather put too much shit in my Amazon cart and scroll Pinterest, than make social media posts or set up coffee dates to network (no offense my fellow therapists). 

But I had no clue how to create or write out a website to bring in out of pocket or cash pay clients.

no clue.


And I really just wanted an expert to make me a website that was a magnet for cash paying clients. 

I wanted someone else to just do it for me... 

Because I was overwhelmed, burnt out, and didn't want to take the time or pay the money to do it myself. 

But I did it.  

Because it felt like my only option. So I spent the money, and I put in the time...

and I built a unicorn of a website.

and let me tell ya, my website...


it's been everything to me


I cherish my website like I do cold brew coffee. It's the main reason my private practice and my coaching business have been so successful. I don't post on social media. I don't network. I don't drop off flyers. I don't work my ass off and do the leg work to get my name out there. 

I just don't. 

Instead, I just have a kick ass website (two kick ass websites) that do all the leg work for me. And my schedule is full. And my employees schedule is full

Like ate too much at a holiday meal, full. My websites, have been everything to me and my businesses. 

And they run in the background...


Silently. Successfully. Effortlessly.


Yes! Make make my website glow in the dark!

it was just a lot of work


A LOT of work.

But after I lost some a lot of hair, made 789 revisions to each page, and killed my adrenals with all that cold brew...

...the work paid off. Big time.

And not only do I love my website, but clients love my website too.


My website 100% made our transition to an out-of-pocket practice...



And another thing, I also found out I was good at it. I could speak to my clients' hearts and souls with a huge dollop of magnetism in my writing.

Which meant a lot of clients coming in, wanting to get booked on our schedules. I'm not saying that to brag, I'm saying this because....I want to help you have YOUR client-magnet of a website too.

Because you deserve it.

You work hard and you want to work less. You want to go the cash pay route and think you can't do it.

But you can.

And you can have your own magnetic website that pulls in your ideal clients and fills your schedule for you. So you can live your ideal life. You get to rock a website that stuffs your schedule with cash paying clients, easily (or if you take insurance, that's cool too).

Without needing to be a social media junky or spending months and 5 figures to learn copywriting skills, SEO tips, or how to build a website.

I'm ready for more cash paying clients!

Oh, and speaking of SEO...


I am also certified in SEO copywriting.

This means I can infuse your web pages and your entire website so that client's find you so much easier.

Like make some Mac n' Cheese for dinner easier.

My lazy SEO explanation? Certain words and phrases written throughout your website so when clients are typing into Google to find a certain therapist, your website is more likely to pop-up.

Heck YES!

Bring on the SEO.

this is for you, if you are...


  • only getting a few referrals a month...or less 

  • getting referrals...but they aren't your ideal clients 

  • embarrassed of your website and know that it needs a makeover 

  • starting or already running a cash pay (out-of-pocket) private therapy practice 

  • struggling with where to even start with re-doing your website (so you end up doom scrolling Facebook instead) 

  • confused on how to make the writing on your website hook out-of-pocket clients 

  • wanting way more cash pay clients popping hot into your schedule 

  • wanting way more ideal clients (you know, those sessions that just feel magical? yeah, more of those). 

  • struggling to find time to do this yourself, and don't want to half-ass it

  • wanting to stand out from all the other lil' therapists around you

  • wanting to thrive and be successful in your private practice (duh)

  • terrified that your cash pay practice won't be a hit and want to make damn sure it will be

  • wanting a done-for-you website that is just f*cking epic. period.

what could your website look like? click on either below and see for yourself...

lassoing cash paying clients doesn't have to be so hard

no more worrying about how many clients you have on your schedule


no more thinking that you just don't have what it takes

no more imposter syndrome

no more thinking that you're failing

no more panic as you glance at your checking account

no more feeling hopeless, lost, and thinking about working at the coffee shop down the road

So what all does The Lazy Website include?


"The money I invested with the Lazy Startup and Website Build was seriously the best investment I could have made starting my private practice. The course walked me through everything I need to get started and I could not have been more pleased with how the website came out. Amy was super responsive to my questions and that made the whole process so smooth. Having her to ask even the most basic of business startup questions was so helpful because I had a lot of them and didn't want to keep bugging my colleague friends. Highly recommend her for anyone needing support getting their private practice off the ground!"

-Patrick Hagler

ready to get more cash paying clients? book your free 45 minute strategy session.

client's popping into your popcorn on too much caffeine.

"I wanted to narrow my focus in terms of therapy. Therefore, I needed a rewrite of the copy for my website. I feel good that I had the experience of working with Amy. She is truly a master at her craft!"


-Randall Harvey

Just imagine...


  • getting 5+ referrals a week
  • 5+ scheduled cash paying client's a month
  • clients knowing you are the one, without even meeting you
  • being on page one of Google
  • telling all your therapist friends (and other friends) that you did it
  • a jaw dropping schedule 
  • a website that brings you the bacon, not the bacon bits.

Why wait...


  • I put quality time and energy into each therapist.
  • Which means I only take on a few websites a month.
  • So why wait to have your website and ads done for you so cash paying clients can't wait to get on your schedule?
  • What investment is it worth to have a thriving, schedule full, income tripled, private practice?

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Imagine your new client system being given to you with a sparkly bow on top...ready to fill our schedule and make your private pay practice a success. 

You had me at sparkly bow.