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Transition to a private-pay, therapy practice, without lifting a finger.


Finally, break free from...

...the plateau in your profits.

...the restraints of insurance contracts and delayed payments.

...sliding scales and not charging what your healing is worth.   

...the empty schedules

...the outdated marketing that just doesn't work anymore


With a modern, done-for-you in three weeks, client acquisition system, that fills your practice with cash-paying clients on autopilot.


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The done-for-you, Lazy Client System (ready in three weeks) will fill your schedule on autopilot, with cash-paying clients. Why? Because we have the inside scoop on: 


What’s really at the root of why your practice isn’t thriving.

How to get a boat-load of cash-paying clients coming in WITHOUT blogging, social media, or SEO optimization.

Those thriving in a cash-paying practice - are doing this 1 main thing.

How to use a simple 3-part system to blow your private practice out of the water - in a good way.

The 1 main reason why therapy websites don’t convert cash-paying clients.

The secret to having a website that converts clients before they hop on a consult with you.

5 main reasons why your consult calls aren’t converting.

The most effective alternative to social media when it comes to getting referrals coming in.

It’s proven when you follow these 3 steps, you can fill your schedule with cash-paying clients within 6 months or less.

If you know these 2 ways to market yourself - you’ll have the private practice you’ve been craving.

What never to do, to market yourself as a healer, wellness provider, or therapist.

The main reason why group practices get stuck on insurance panels and plateau.

The Lazy Therapist - Amy Vredenburgh, LMFT

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